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All services in Saistho can be availed after login. Select patient in the login tab. If you donot have a account click on the link sign up here to create an account.


Go to the doctor tab in the menu bar to book a doctor. Saistho uses a symptom based doctor search. Please enter the symptoms you are facing. Select the disease from the drop down list of diseases. Select Location. If you are not able to find the exact symtom select the closest one you can find. Click the search button. Please check the symtoms of the disease selected matches with your disease.

Search Bar

Click find doctors to view the doctors that deal with that kind of disease. click on appointment enquiry for the doctor you want to book an appointment.

Book Doctor

Please fill in the relevant details as the doctor uses this basic details. The patient note can be used to send special information about your health condition to the doctor. Click on confirm to confirm your booking. You can check the status of your booking by clicking on check status here link. It will show pending which means the booking request is pending with the doctor and he has not accepted it yet.

My Account

View Bookings

After login Go to My Account page to view your booking confirmation. from the menu bar.


Accepting a booking.

Please click on Login and Doctor login to login into your account. If you don't have an account click sign up here to create an account. Please fill in the relevant details and select your specialization. It is important to select the right specialization. If your specialization is not showing up drop a message to Saistho team to add your specialization.

Your new bookings can be seen in the appointments tab in the Appointment List section. The ones is blue are new bookings.

Booking Accept

Please click Accept Booking to accept the booking. You Give the patient a date time for the appointment. Please select the relevant date, from time and to time which gives the widow of time frame in which the patient should come for the appointment.

Bokking Date Time

Please add a patient note if necessary. Click confirm to confirm your booking.

Update Date Time