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Saistho offers a range of features. Registered users can keep track of the new features through the account.


Healthcare Connect

Often when a health condition arises it’s hard to identify the right doctor for consultation. Saistho uses a search based performance model to take you to the best doctor. The model tries to look for your exact health condition and guide you to the nearest doctor who according to the feedback derived is performing best in the field. Saistho is not just a booking platform but is designed in a way so as to keep track of your complete health condition.

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Medical History

The medical history of the patient tells a lot about the current state of the health condition of the patient. It also becomes a vital part of the treatment process in many cases. In most cases we rely on memory of the patient which is a risky as patients are most often not able to keep long term track of precise health condition in the past and the pain or anxiety of the existing medical condition might add to the complexity. At Saistho we offer to keep track of vital health parameters including prescribed medical drugs taken.

To know how to Medical History please see user guide.


Stroke prediction

Stroke refers to any damage to the brain and spinal cord caused by the abnormality of the blood supply. Recognition of the cardio or cerebrovasuclar lesion or haematological disorder before brain damage provides us an opportunity to prevent brain damage. This lays the foundation for the preventive healthcare for stroke prediction. Saistho uses your lifestyle data, physical traits and relevant health data to predict the onset of stroke.

Why we choose stroke:

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